Work Release Program

Work Release CenterAda County Work Release Program is a program that allows low-risk offenders to live in a special detention facility and be released each day to go to their jobs in the community. This allows defendant to continue supporting their families financially. When defendants are not at work, they must be at the Work Release Center. Defendants who perform well in the program may have visits with their families in the community and may conduct personal business for three hours on Sunday afternoon. Individuals serving time in the Work Release Program must park in the parking lot directly across from the Work Release Center.

Eligibility Requirements for the Work Release Program

  • Defendant must meet the Alternative Sentencing Program General requirements.
  • Sentenced to seven days or more
  • Job criteria:
    • Ada County or Canyon County job sites only
    • The defendant can not self employed
    • The defendant cannot have more then two job sites per day.
    • The defendant cannot have more then two jobs.
    • The defendant may work up to six days a week; no more then twelve hours.
    • The defendant cannot have a job working in bar or anywhere the selling of alcohol is the major source of revenue.
    • Defendants who are delivery drivers (individual basis) must be able have radio or phone access at all times.  The defendant must be able to provide whereabouts and locations, must be able to be reached at any time and subject to job checks on road. 
    • Any changes in work schedules must be made at least twenty-four hours in advance. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office must be able to verify employment through employer and be allowed to perform an on site job check.
  • No students unless specified by court order.
  • Court ordered classes are allowed as long as documentation can be provided
  • Rate:
    • Administrative fee $25.00. (One time fee only)
    • $25.00 a day.
    • First weeks rent plus initial fee is due prior to start date.  Thereafter rent is due every seven days. May pay more then one week at a time if on a bi-weekly pay schedule but will always have to be paid up one week in advance.

Work Release handbook