Interim Jail

The Interim Jail Program allows low risk offenders to serve their sentence at the Work Release Center. Defendants who do not qualify for other Alternative Sentencing Programs but have a non-traditional job may qualify for this program. Defendants are required to spend two to three days each week, in the Work Release Center. Defendants must serve the same days each week and is required to serve consecutive weeks until the sentence is complete.

Eligibility requirements for the Interim Jail Program

  • Defendant must meet the Alternative Sentencing Program General requirements.
  • Sentenced to at least five days but not more than 30 days.
  • Must begin the program within 30 days.
  • Fees - Must pay all fees in full prior to the assigned start date
    • $35.00/ day
    • Administrative fee $25.00 (one time fee only)

IR Weekenders Rules