House Arrest

House arrest, or Electronic Monitoring (EM), is done through the utilization Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and cellular technology to monitor a inmate’s whereabouts. This ensures compliance with Court and Probation orders as well as with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.  

Inmates are continuously being monitored to ensure locations at specific times, avoidance of restricted areas such as No contact Orders (NCO) and Protection Orders (PO).

The Electronic Monitoring fee is $25 per day plus the cost of monitoring. 

All participants are subject to random drug and alcohol tests at the participant’s own cost in addition to the daily fee.  

Participation is generally restricted to medically disabled individuals, those on SSI and at the discretion of the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, self-employed individuals.  

Documentation of medical hardship or self-employment may be required for acceptance into program.

Eligibility Requirements for the EM Program
Inmates with sentences of 30 days or less must pay all fees up front. 
A co-habitant waiver form must be signed by any adult living with the participant
The inmate is subject to home check and must provide documentation and obtain approval for any medical or court appointments to leave the house.