Continuous Deputy Testing Policy

Definition: Continuous Testing is for Deputy applicants. Continuous testing shall mean a physical agility test, written examination, screening interview, and oral boards shall be conducted and those resulting scores shall be valid for a period of six months from the date of the certification to a Continuous Testing Eligibility List.

Frequency of testing: Continuous testing may then be conducted as deemed necessary for the Sheriff’s Office. Candidates from subsequent testing will then be added to the Continuous Testing Eligibility List and rank placement on the eligibility list will be determined by the updated scores.

Failure of Physical Agility Test or Written Examination: Applicants who fail either the physical agility test or the written examination may reapply three months from their testing date.

Non-Selection after Oral Board Interview: Applicants deemed unsuitable for selection will not be scored by the oral board panel, but are eligible to retest after a six month waiting period.

Declining a Conditional Offer: Applicants who decline a conditional offer of employment may remain on the list if notice is provided to ACSO prior to accepting and signing the offer.

Withdrawal after Acceptance of Conditional Offer: Applicants who withdraw after accepting a conditional offer are removed from the eligibility list and are no longer eligible for selection from the list. The applicant is eligible to retest when their six month waiting period has expired.