About the Ada County Sheriff's Office

ACSO CollageThe Ada County Sheriff's Office is the largest local law enforcement agency in the state, with 613 employees, 322 of whom are commissioned, 291 are professionals. Idaho's Constitution and state law make Idaho sheriffs responsible for almost every law enforcement function, as well as operating the jails, issuing driver's licenses and concealed weapons permits, patrolling the waterways, serving civil process from the courts and a variety of other functions.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office is committed to giving every citizen the best possible service. We deliver on that promise by always looking at new ideas and new partnerships — better ways to address the issues facing our communities. We focus on the causes of crime, encourage community participation, and make the best possible use of existing resources.

As part of our dedication to community policing, we acknowledge the whole community is responsible for public safety — not just the police. Our deputies are encouraged to get to know the people in our communities, listen to your concerns and get you involved in the solution.

For our mission to be successful, we need open communication with everyone involved. We encourage you to share your ideas, concerns and questions. Click here if you'd like to contact us.